Teach what is in you, not as it applies to you, to yourself, but as it applies to the other.
— T. Krishnamacharya

Hi there.  I'm Katie.  I'd love to be your guide today.

I began my yogic journey just a few years ago with an invitation from a friend to take part in a once-a-week-for-six-weeks trial of yoga classes in Batesville, MS.  She had invited a friend and instructor from Southern Star Yoga Studio in Oxford to introduce yoga to our little town.  I had never tried yoga before, and didn't really understand what I was getting myself in to. Rarely backing down from a challenge, off I went.

Mind. Blown.  I was immediately drawn in to the yogic practice.  Our instructor guided us slowly and gently, not trying to overwhelm us (thank you, Lisa!) with Sanskrit terminology that might cause us newbies to be apprehensive to the practice.  She helped us with alignment of poses, steadied our breathing rhythms, and inserted comments about chakras and energy flow as we moved in and out of the sequences.  She didn't even have to mention the benefits - I was absorbing them directly out of the air!

Time passed, those six weeks came and went, I was able to attend a class here and there, but nothing steady enough to really absorb a yogic lifestyle.  Fast forward to early 2014 to when I began to feel an enormous pull to deepen my spiritual journey, make strides toward a progressively healthy lifestyle, and my exercise routine needed some challenge.  It was around then that yoga reemerged as a luminous pathway for my future journey.  I wasn't sure of the "whys" but I knew the truth would be evident in time.

By June 2014, I had registered for theYoga Teaching Training courses at Southern Star Yoga Center in Oxford, MS.  And October 5th - [not] coincidentally my birthday - I began the journey to become a yoga instructor with my first class.  After 8 months of intensive training and study, by the end of May 2015, I became a certified yoga instructor, along with 14 of my sweet friends that I met a long the way.  This training was life-altering, spiritually fulfilling, and truly just the beginning.

Before I completed my training, I threw all my fears to the wind, and started teaching in April of 2015.  I have enjoyed every single moment and every person I have met and had the chance to teach.  My students teach ME daily about body and mind capabilities, and that is the way that it should be.    I will forever be a student.

A little about my "personal" life... I grew up in a little town in Iowa and migrated south shortly after high school.  I lived in Nashville, TN, for a few years where I met and married my love.  In 2007, we moved to Batesville, MS, where we have simply settled in with love! We have two young kiddos that keep us laughing and learning, and two fuzzy sweet pups that have an insatiable desire to play and eat. We are blessed beyond measure and we thank God for every single breath we take. 

I cannot wait to get to know YOU!